Aqua and Orange Pregame: Explosive!!

Aqua and Orange Pre-Game Show
November 05, 2017 - 1:44 pm

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The show kicks off with a happy DJ Williams still celebrating a big Canes win, then things take a turn as they recap the 40-0 blow out loss to the Ravens and the ramification of said loss, including going over the explosive presser from Adam Gase, plus DJ offers his opinion on the Kiko hit on Flacco and if he thought it was a dirty hit. 

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The guys kick off the second hour of the show giving their opinion on the Jay Ajayi trade and why it happened with DJ offering a story of a similiar situation during his playing days, then the guys talk to chris perkins for well needed perspective on things, and they also look around the rest of the league. 

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The Final Hour of the Pregame Show Greg and DJ answer some fantasy football questions, talk to Adam Beasley on the fins and his ever increasing bet with DJ, and the guys give their final Predictions for the game. 

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