Beast's Den: Scorched Earth

The Beast's Den
September 18, 2017 - 1:12 pm

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The Beast is back in the saddle after Hurricane Irma decided to visit South Florida last weekend, so much so that the beast kicks off the show with some of his general thoughts on the weather event including what happens when he drinks a bit too much. The show switches gears for some traditional sports talk after as the fins got ready to face the LA Chargers in their new stadium where beast makes some interesting observations.

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The Beast kicks off the second hour with some University of Miami Hurricanes talk as well as some Hurricane Irma talk mixed in, a decision is made by the host that the producer does not agree with at all in regards to calls being taken, Beast laments the loss of power to key areas of South Florida (his local starbucks) and ponders when they will return to normal operation.

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The Last hour of the Den is wrapped with a warning to beast about how he treats his wife, a college scoreboard update is given out well as a clarification of Beast’s weather geekdom and why he is not scare-mongering his followers and a recap of the “best” news stories of the past week is given

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