Beast's Den: Viable Randomness

The Beast's Den
August 21, 2017 - 3:42 pm

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The Beast open his den with his lamentable loss of his Spanish tongue which leads to discussion of how regain said Spanish including a viable prank method for those who go to overnight camp, then talk fins  with a bit of good old fashioned female objectification sprinkled in, and wrap the first hour of the show with talk of marlins sale as The Beast wonders has there been a great player that was also a great coach/executive.

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The Second hour in the den Beast talks some canes which leads to Beast railing on the current crop of paranoid coaches in NCAA Football then recalls a great UM coach of the past who has similar traits. The show then slides off the rails as South Florida, both sides of it, call in to talks sports or whatever happens to be their minds at the moment. The second hour of the den is wrapped up with some more randomness from South Florida.

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The Final Hour of this week’s Den visit continues the randomness of the last hour with it spreading to the beast as he jumps from topic to topic. Beast then interviews Matt Porter of the Palm Beach Post on the recent scrimmage as well as all things canes. The show has a bow put on it with In Case You Missed It.

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