Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Lame Deadline

Leroy Hoard
February 23, 2017 - 3:26 pm

Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports


Tobin. Leroy and Beast open the show talking about one of the greatest days in spots: NBA TRADE DEADLINE DAY! Are the Heat going to make any moves? Rumors of Paul George and Jimmy Butler getting traded are strange to Tobin. Is the NBA worse now than it was when Indiana was last good? Is a shirt-jersey a Shirsey? Kaaya is supposed to appear on Gruden’s QB Camp. Is Gruden going to grill him or show his highlights against FAMU? One scout says Kaaya could go in the 6th round. How big of a failure would that be on his part for coming out? The guys talk about First Take’s segment on Dan Lebatard’s comments about Magic Johnson being unqualified for the Lakers job. Leroy points out that Dan got Danned.


Tobin, Leroy and Beast open hour two talking about what the Heat may do in the final hour before the trade deadline. Pat Riley is supposed to talk at 3… Does that mean a move will be made? The guys also talk about the Jameis Winston quotes about girls being “silent” and choosing his words poorly. Tobin is desperate to get rid of Mcroberts and is willing to give almost anyone away with him to do it. Chris Bosh is set to join the NBA on TNT show. Could this be a setup for his future? Josh Mcroberts the Hippy is not ready to talk about his injury and Tobin is having no part of it. The trade deadline is very quiet as we approach the deadline and Beast is not happy about it. Tobin says he doesn’t want Paul George because he got “catfished.”

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