Most Sports Fans Will Wait to Return to Games After Coronavirus: Study

Dan Mennella
April 08, 2020 - 11:14 am

Sports fans will be in no rush to get back to stadiums and arenas when they reopen after the coronavirus crisis, according to a study.

About 60 percent of spectators said they will wait at least a couple months before returning to sporting events after bans on large gatherings are lifted, a study by a marketing agency found.

The group, Scout Sports and Entertainment, also previously reported that 80 percent of sports fans agreed with the decision to suspend live events.

The hesitation is understandable given the present situation regarding the virus. While US cases and deaths have soared in recent weeks, the Trump administration has extended stay-at-home orders through at least April, and recommended masks or face covers be worn outside by everyone. Last weekend, US Surgeon General Jerome Adams warned Americans to brace for the worst in the coming weeks.

The suspension of professional sports has fueled rampant speculation and proposals for the eventual return of games. Many of those pitches assume for the possibility that games will be played in empty parks until fans are allowed back -- but what if they don't come back by their own choice?

With so much still up in the air about the course of the virus and the potential consequences on social life, it's difficult to envision how a return will look. But at this moment, in the thick of the crisis, fans appear to have trepidations.

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