NFL Power Rankings Week 15: Are 49ers NFL’s Best Team?

December 10, 2019 - 10:57 am

At halftime of the Philadelphia Eagles-New York Giants Week 14 Monday Night Football tilt, Chris Berman pushed back against those that have suggested it's unfair that the winner of the lowly NFC East will get to host a playoff game, which will likely be against whichever of the Seattle Seahawks or San Francisco 49ers doesn't win the NFC West.

Berman's point essentially was that if a 12-win Wild Card team isn't able to go into Dallas or Philadelphia and win on Wild Card Weekend, a Super Bowl run probably wasn't in the cards anyway.

While that's true in a sense, it doesn't change the optics of a seven-win team hosting a team that has the second or third best record in their conference but is stuck playing on Wild Card Weekend because of the division they happen to play in.

Ultimately, though, it appears those in Berman's camp are going to win out. ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Sunday that the NFL hasn't considered changing the structure of the postseason, whether that were to mean seeding based on best records or a division winner needing to win a certain amount of games to get to host a playoff game.

So, not only will whatever team wins the NFC East get to host a playoff game in 2019 - even if they don't finish with a winning record - but that precedent will likely stay in place for the future, making winning your division that much more important.

With division and conference races starting to come into focus, here are the RADIO.COM NFL Power Rankings ahead of Week 15 of the 2019 NFL season:

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