NFL's Punishment for Latest Patriots Incident Could Reportedly Come Soon

December 15, 2019 - 9:53 am

A ruling on the Patriots' videotape incident should be coming soon.

According to the Washington Post's Mark Maske, the league will continue discussions on the potential penalty Sunday and they will pick up early in the week. What exactly the penalty is should be in line with some handed down in the past for infractions of game-day rules, which likely will be a fine and potentially the loss of a late-round draft pick.

Here's a few examples from past years.

-- $250,000 fine: In 2018, the Ravens were found guilty of having multiple players on the field with the green dot and able to communicate with coaches on the sideline during a preseason game.

-- $150,000 fine and fourth-round pick dropped to end of round: In 2016, Giants head coach Ben McAdoo (also fined $15,000) was cited for improper use of a walkie-talkie on the sideline during a game.

-- $350,000 fine and loss of fifth-round pick: The Falcons pumped crowd noise into their stadium in 2015 and in addition to those penalties, president Rich McCay was suspended for three months from the competition committee.

-- $1 million fine, loss of first and fourth-round pick: Tom Brady was also suspended four games in the Deflategate case.

-- $250,000 fine: In 2015, Browns GM Ray Farmer was found guilty of sending text messages to team coaches during games. He was suspended four games.

The report adds the league has been “consistent on game-day violations,” and that is likely to continue in this case.

The Patriots have admitted video was improperly shot of the field and the Bengals sideline last Sunday in Cleveland as part of a "Do Your Job" feature on an advance scout. This was part of the production wing of the building and had nothing to do with the football side. The league seems to believe the story and it does not appear anyone from the football side will face any kind of suspension.

Speaking Wednesday at the NFL winter meetings, Roger Goodell wouldn't commit to reaching a conclusion by the end of the year, but it's expected not to take that long since the league has all the evidence it needs.

“We’re going to be thorough,” Goodell said. “We’re going to get all the facts and we’ll go from there.”

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