Tom Brady Briefly Breaks Diet; Rob Gronkowski Staying Active

Tim Kelly
August 20, 2019 - 1:27 pm

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady did enjoy some meat-laden pizza with Julian Edelman and other teammates over the weekend in Nashville, but don't worry, it wasn't a sign that he's stressed out.

"I'm not much of an emotional eater," Brady joked on The Greg Hill Show on WEEI. "It was nice. I kind of eat [normally] to try to keep my performance good. So, I actually did have a great time."

Brady normally adheres to a strict diet that's been given the nickname "The TB12 Method." Though the diet isn't without its critics, Brady is coming off of his sixth Super Bowl title and last month outran his 40-yard dash time from the 2000 NFL Combine. Whatever he's doing seems to be working out just fine for his body.

Another thing that worked out just fine was the connection between Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski. Even though Brady is 12 years older than Gronkowski, the future Hall of Fame tight end retired this past offseason at the age of 30 after a career that wasn't short on injuries.

Despite losing a noticeable amount of weight, some aren't so sure that Gronkowski, who caught 79 career touchdowns from Brady, won't return at some point in the 2019 season.

Even though it was probably unintentional, Gronkowski added some fuel to that fire this past weekend when he talked in an Instagram post about how he "loves staying fit and active:"

In nine seasons with Brady and the Patriots, Gronkowski played in eight consecutive AFC Title Games, appeared in five Super Bowls and helped the organization to win three of their six Super Bowl titles.

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