INSIDER: Lots and Lots of Stress

Amber Wilson
April 07, 2017 - 1:40 pm

The Heat's season is on the line with every game they play from here on out. For the casual Heat fan, that means an exciting end to an unusual regular season that has had incredible lows followed by incredible highs. For the die-hard Heat fan like me, that means stress. Lots and lots of stress. Yet, however these last four games turn out, and however many times I scream at my television during this remaining stretch, this has been one heck of a season that I have enjoyed thoroughly.
Some of you may be thinking, "One heck of a season? If the Heat don’t make the playoffs, this season means nothing. It (probably) cost the Heat a top pick, and nothing was accomplished." But that's nonsense. The Heat did accomplish something - a bunch of no-name guys on a last-chance basis with the league accomplished getting you to buy in, getting you to turn on your radio and television, getting you to show up, and getting you to enjoy watching them play basketball. They did all of that despite an eleven and thirty start, despite serious doubt, and despite a complete lack of national interest. They did all of that because these guys know adversity better than most, and because these guys know how to fight through it. That's fun, period. 
Sure, there are (probably) no championship rings at the end of this season's story; but maybe, despite what we always hear, it's not always only about the championships. Maybe, when you're fortunate enough to have some recent ones hanging in your rafters, it's alright that some seasons are, simply, enjoyable, and that some teams are, simply, lovable, even without the banners or the parades.   
- Amber Wilson


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