INSIDER: Miami’s Prodigal Son has Returned

Amber Wilson
February 09, 2018 - 3:56 pm

Miami’s Prodigal Son has returned home. Gone are the days of hurt and anger, as the city rejoices with the return of whom many consider the best player in Heat franchise history – Dwyane Wade. On a micro scale, Wade’s return means a boost in jersey and ticket sales, and, perhaps, that this Dion Waiters-less team will receive a boost in spirit in trying to make the playoffs. On a macro scale, Wade’s return means that, once again, Pat Riley knows exactly what he is doing and he is doing it right.
Merely a year and a half ago, Wade turned down a two-year $41.5 million dollar offer from the Heat when Riley refused to increase that offer in money or length. After a buyout and trade, we now know what Wade got in return for turning down that offer was a terribly dysfunctional season and a half in Chicago then Cleveland, and $41.8 million dollars combined. When taking into account state income taxes in Illinois and Ohio, Wade, actually, lost money by leaving Miami in 2016.
With Riley’s refusal to overpay an aging superstar, on the other hand, the Heat got to retain and develop younger players, put on a show for fans the second half of last season while still drafting Bam Adebayo, and, when things felt sluggish this injury-ridden season, got back Dwyane Wade. However, on a season the Heat once offered to pay Wade, roughly, twenty million dollars, the Heat will, instead, be paying Wade just $1.1 million dollars – an incredible savings some hurt feelings aside.
There is one great truth above all others manifested in one simple mantra we use on the Morning Show: “In Riley we trust.” So, this week, as we rejoice in the return of our beloved, let any anger or hurt you may still feel towards Wade’s departure go. In the end, Riley is the big winner here as all has worked out for the Heat with the return of Wade. All is, once again, exactly as it should be…in Wade County. 

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