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INSIDER: Heat Offseason Moves Coming?

Amber Wilson
July 13, 2018 - 1:55 pm

NBA free agency has become the most popular offseason in sports. The NBA has done a remarkable job conjuring up interest in every decision concerning its players. The players have done a remarkable job utilizing social media in a manner that makes them feel accessible and interesting. Typically, the NBA offseason is spent reading between the lines of social media posts, and churning the rumor mill often fed by the teams and players themselves. This offseason, however, has felt different. This offseason has been boring despite one of the biggest free agent moves in NBA history.
Just weeks ago, the greatest player of his generation joined one of the most storied franchises in sports. In truth, we have known Lebron James was joining the Lakers since as early as 2015. That’s when the rumors began that James wanted to finish his career in Los Angeles. In the past three years, James has taken ownership in a Hollywood production company, made clear his intentions to bankroll and star in television and movie projects, and has purchased numerous homes in the Los Angeles area. Despite all these signs, we still made much ado about where James was going. Then, his announcement came quickly and predictably. The other three biggest free agents of the offseason - Paul George, Chris Paul, and Kevin Durant - also made their announcements nearly immediately. And so, we were left without Tweets to read into or Instagram likes to analyze.
What we do have left is some NBA offseason guessing concerning the Miami Heat. Will Carmelo Anthony join the Heat this summer? Will the Heat trade for Kawhi Leonard against all odds? Is something happening with DeMar DeRozan? Is Dwyane Wade holding out on resigning because he’s helping the Heat bring someone else in? What about Udonis Haslem? Fans are starving for something to happen – anything! Perhaps the signing of Wayne Ellington to a 6.27 million dollar one-year contract, a curiously specific number, indicates the best of the Miami offseason is yet to come. Fingers crossed! 

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