Can Butch Davis bring Miami Magic to FIU?

The Beast
November 18, 2016 - 12:24 pm

Paul Hilton Davis, or, “The PHD of Football,” as I like to call him has landed back in South Florida. (I might be the only person outside of Butch’s immediate family that knows his real name.) While it’s no surprise that Butch would find a way to FIU with his connection to Athletics’ boss Pete Garcia, it feels like Butch was out of other options. FIU, as much as I’d love for them to be a successful program, has had so many pitfalls since they brought the program back under Don Strock, that it’s really hard for me to see this as anything less than a major uphill climb.

If Butch is to be successful, the reason why is recruiting. Butch is arguably the best recruiter I’ve ever seen. At Miami he was known as “The Closer.” Yes he had a lot of help from Larry Coker, who pulled Dorsey and Shockey, and from Curtis Johnson, who pulled Ed Reed and Reggie Wayne, but Butch ultimately built the best team in college football history, though he never got to coach it.

Butch’s eye for talent, his ability to see an Ed Reed, who had no other offers other than Tulane, and realize he was going to be something special is a knack that Butch has that a lot of other college football coaches don’t. We talk about the abundance of talent here in South Florida, and for a while, Butch is going to have to take every one else’s left overs and try to make a meal out of it. However, along the way, he WILL find that two or three-star kid that the Miami’s, Florida’s and Alabama’s gloss over. He’ll get those kids and he’ll have a staff that will turn that two or three-star kid into an NFL player. I know he will because I saw him do it at both Miami and North Carolina.

Really the only question is, will FIU give him the support he needs to get it done. He didn’t do it with much at Miami, but FIU is starting at a much lower level than when Butch took over at Miami in 1995, after the Canes has already busted off four national titles in nine years.

I wish Butch the best of luck. He’s someone that I’m honored to know and have a huge admiration for. Can he make FIU into something that Don Strock, Mario Cristobal, and Ron Turner couldn’t? We’ll see.

–Brian “The Beast” London, Programming Coordinator and On-Air Talent

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