Oh What A Night!

The Beast
March 01, 2019 - 3:29 pm

On Wednesday, the Midday Show, with Tobin, Leroy and me, got to broadcast at the American Airlines Arena in advance of the Heat’s game against the Warriors that night. It was a beautiful day with the South Florida sparking sun bouncing off the serene waters of Biscayne Bay, and a palpable excitement in the air as the defending champions were in town.


I don’t get to Heat games as often as I’d like, although I’ve been to more games this year than in the last few years because if I have the opportunity to watch Dwyane Wade play for one last season, how could I pass that up? But Wednesday was a no doubter. I didn’t care what the wife had planned or what honey-do’s I was supposed to get done, I was going to watch D Wade play the Warriors.


There was a huge contingent of media at the arena that night. Usually I’m able to find a seat in the primary media section around section 105 or 106. Nope. Not Wednesday night. I headed up to the Auxiliary Press area, above the 400 level. It didn’t matter. I was there to see some of the best hoops players in the world, including D Wade.


Miami got up to a big lead, and as most NBA games do, the game got tight late. The Heat had lost six in a row at home, so the thought of them topping the defending champs was beyond enticing.


Sidenote: My esteemed colleagues on the Midday show will have you believe that I am a Celtics fan. I would tell you that I grew up as a Celtics fan in the era of Larry Bird, Robert Parrish and Kevin McHale (Pre-Heat). However, once I moved to Miami to go to The U in 1994, I slowly adopted the Heat. Sure if the Celtics are in the Finals, I will root for them over what ever team from the West they are playing, but if the Heat are playing the Celtics, I’m Heat Culture all of the way.



So here we go….Final seconds of the game….Heat need a shot to win…..Waiters gets the ball to Wade…he gets his shot blocked…gets it back..fumbles the ball…and then just before the buzzer sounded, he gets off a one legged heave towards the basket. It went in. Pandemonium ensued. Wade jumped up on the TV broadcast table. He was mobbed by his team mates. The arena went crazy. I was stunned and paralyzed. I just could not believe what I had just witnessed. Here was arguably the best athlete in South Florida history once again hitting a game winning shot.


The AAA was and always will be Wade’s House. This is his county. Shortly, (fingers crossed), he’ll have his own street. Later will come the statue and the banner and the number retired and all of the accolades.  You have 11 more times to see D Wade play at home this season, if the Heat don’t make the playoffs. Do yourself a favor, get to a game. Don’t miss a chance to witness another great moment. You never know if it will be his last.

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