Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Waiters or Wade?

The Beast
March 01, 2017 - 3:28 pm

Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports


Leroy tries to fix his push notifications isssue. Tobin wonders how Sixers fans put up their team and compares it to his Jacksonville Jaguars fandom. Leroy goes over the difference in prospecting with draft picks in all sports. Kiko Alonso doesn’t want to move from MLB and Armando Salguero says the Dolphins need to talk to him. Tobin and Leroy try to handle that situation. The guys break down the Kevin Durant injury and how it compares to Ryan Tannehill injury. Tobin wants to see Warriors-Thunder in round 1 with Kevin Durant sitting on the sidelines. Tobin is adamant that Russell Westbrook should win MVP over James Harden


Leroy says the original version of De La Soul “Me, Myself, and I” which was done by George Clinton is much better and that the young folks won’t know that stuff. Leroy doesn’t like it when the Heat are playing bad teams. Leroy poses the question if  you would rather have Kirk Cousins or Tony Romo. Tobin breaks down the announced fight of the GSP vs Michael Bisping and how GSP would do on the long layoff. The guys break down the Heat vs 76ers tonight at the AAA. Tobin breaks down Barry Jackson’s column on the Miami Herald on who the Heat would rather have next season Dwyane Wade or Dion Waiters. Tobin wonders if OKC fans would be ok with Golden State winning the title if KD doesn’t play, which leads to another hypothetical about the Cavs winning last year Lebron doesn’t play. Yelich goes yard again in spring training and Tobin says he sould be absolved of crow mentions after he paid the bet. Tobin wonders why a Sumo wrestler can’t be an offensive lineman.

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