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Brendan Tobin
July 20, 2018 - 4:21 pm

THE NBA IS RUINED! That is the common thought because Warriors are likely going to three-peat after adding Boogie Cousins to their Hall of Fame arsenal. But Golden State is not why the NBA is ruined. The NBA is ruined because there has now been shame put on competing.  This past week Bleacher Report described the San Antonio Spurs acquisition of DeMar DeRozan as settling more mediocrity. An all-time franchise that had no-leverage and was losing a top-5 player decided to stay in the game and acquire a perennial All Star instead of a bevy of anonymous draft picks. The Headline called it 'Getting Miami Heat'ed'. To think, two franchises that had one of the greatest NBA Finals of all time half a decade ago are getting mocked for trying to win as many games as possible. 
I hate tanking. I hate the philosophy. I hate having to sit through a season of losing on purpose. It is torture and it's all for the chance that a 19-year might be good. I also can't wait for Pat Riley to land his next whale. Heat fans need to realize that even when that happens, it's not going to feel like 2010. Nothing will compete with that in team history. In the meantime, I appreciate the franchise going out and trying to win games. Taking steps. Developing talent. Trying to bring joy in the 82 nights from fall to spring and not ruining 6 months of sports just to hope for lottery balls. 

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