Tobin and Leroy: The Power of South Beach

Brendan Tobin
December 06, 2016 - 3:41 pm

Credit: Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports


Tobin says Zaslow has the headphones cranked all the way up and Beast says it is because of all the Heat games he does. Tobin says that Zaslow is losing his hearing because he is getting old and that is why he has the headphones cranked all the way up. Beast reveals the depressing story of how he lost his hair. The guys argue about whether fractions and decimals are the same thing. Beast accuses the Shark marketing guys of stealing from the Midday Show. Tobin goes off on Phil Jackson again. Tobin goes off on Lebron for not allowing Phil Jackson to apologize but plays for Dan Gilbert who called him a coward and hosted the RNC while Lebron publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton. Steven A Smith says the Dolphins lost because of the “power of South Beach.” Tobin loved watching the Jets get thrashed last night until he realized the Dolphins lost by one point more.


Leroy is mad a at Beast for giving terrible advice on how to fix his computer pop up problems. Tobin and Beast are angry every time they see Kirby Hocutt on TV. Beast then proceeds to scorch earth on Hocutt and his wife when they were at Miami. Romberg leaves his email open and Leroy wants to do evil things. Woman brings grenade into a police station in Florida. The guys break down the Heat vs Knicks tonight. Tobin hopes the Knicks will fall to the power of South Beach. The guys argue if Bryce Harper is worth $400 million and if he is better than Stanton. Tobin says that if Loria get get Bryce Harper and sign him to a huge contract then he will have full immunity and nobody can say anything to him. Tobin gives Frank Gore a shout out and that brings the conversation about whether he and other Canes will be in the Hall of Fame.

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