Tobin and Leroy: Suhsudio

Brendan Tobin
November 15, 2016 - 3:30 pm

Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports


Tobin apparently was not on vacation and needed a day to get “stuff done.” Of he course he ended up getting nothing done. The guys ponder on what are the best states for old people to retire. Tobin says that there is no worse species on earth than “your wife’s friend’s husband.” The guys argue if Phil Collins “Sussudio” is a top 10 hit. Beast reveals that the 5 lb burrito from Sandbar will be coming into the studio and Tobin will try to conquer. Jared Goff is starting for the Rams on Sunday vs the Dolphins and Tobin goes on another Jeff Fisher rant. Floyd Mayweather has an issue with a TMZ reporter suggesting that Conor McGregor is the “Mayweather of MMA.”


Hassan Whiteside says the Heat are better than their record says. Tobin says that if the Heat would have beaten the Spurs last night it would have been an uplifting win. Tobin says we need to stop the love for Josh McRoberts every time he makes a bounce pass. Tobin goes off on Phil Jackson for saying Pat Riley “lost the vibe” and Tobin says that Phil Jackson is to the Knicks to what Bill Parcels was to the Dolphins. The guys argue to whether Tobin was taking Lebron’s side when Phil Jackson refers to his group of friends as his “posse.” Beast is conficted about meeting up with new FIU Coach, Butch Davis and Leroy says he should do his job because he “bleeds Entercom.” Tobin recounts the time he got his frat kicked out of residence of Barry University. The guys wonder which of Pat Riley’s “ruined relationships” with Lebron, Wade, and Bosh will talk to Pat Riley first.

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