Tobin and Manso: Excuses Galore

Brendan Tobin
March 07, 2017 - 3:13 pm

Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports


Tobin and Manso are in a festive mood after the Heat beat the Cavs last night. Manso says the Heat are now legit. The guys wonder if the Cavs can still make the Finals. Lebron says the Cavs were tired from their road trip even though he and Kyrie sat out against the Heat on Saturday. The guys discuss how sweet revenge must have been for Dion Waiters to hit the big shot against his former team. Tobin has a bone to pick with a staff member in the building for eating breakfast while using the toilet. The guys break down how the Heat would do against the Cavs in a first round series. Tobin and Will discuss if this is the most fun the Heat have been since the Big 3.


Tobin and Will wonder how the Marlins players will fare after the World Baseball Classic. Both of them agree the best thing the Marlins did this offseason was not giving Kenley Jansen $90 Million. Tobin says the cliche answer to the most fun Heat team was the 03-04 season with rookie Wade and Caron Butler. Tobin says the red light camera is fishy and they use CGI. Tobin gives some lessons in Heat parenting using his daughter as an example. Tobin is fed up with the new line of Jacksonville Jaguars T-Shirts saying “All in with Coughlin” The texters suggest Tobin to start a Daycare teaching kids not to be front runners. Will Manso says the Dolphins should not pay Kenny Stills big time money. Tobin doesn’t care who buys the Marlins as long they don’t medle

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