Tobin, Leroy, Beast: No Nonsense

Brendan Tobin
March 03, 2017 - 3:39 pm

Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports


The guys do a little preview of Canes-FSU hoops and wonder how the Canes approach to the game should be given their NCAA tourney status. Tobin is fired up for the fights on Saturday both the CBS fights and UFC 209. They guys preview Heat-Magic tonight with the potential injury issues the Heat could face. Leroy gives hoogle the death stare for suggesting that running backs have one arm they carry the ball with. Adam Gase calls out DeVante parker and Tobin and Leroy break down Gase’s brutal honesty. Leroy compares Adam Gase to Bill Belichick when he first coached the Browns. Shannon Briggs joins the guys at the Hard Rock to talk about his training and talks some serious smack about his upcoming fight.


Tobin and Leroy talk about Brandon Marshall getting released by the Jets and try to figure our where he will end up. They also break down where Adrian Peterson should end up. Tobin is adamant that Lebron is not going to play tomorrow night against the Heat and Leroy strongly disagrees because they are in a race and Tobin is not buying that. Tobin is upset at Leroy wearing Cavs gear. Tobin says he pulls a move at the bench in the gym to make it look like he is lifting more weight and is still fearfull about having the bench fall on his chest again. The guys doubt Tobin can run the Cancer Marathon tomorrow. Leroy talks about sneaking in food during football games.

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