Tobin in Vegas; Bout of the Century Tomorrow

Brendan Tobin
August 25, 2017 - 1:21 pm

Leroy and I are live in Las Vegas and the city is draped in Mayweather vs McGregor posters. As the week has gone on the people of Ireland are starting to fill the streets. The bets are piling in. The number of bets favors Conor. The amount of bets favors Floyd. Radio row has been so much fun. The atmosphere for a fight fan has been incredible.

People have criticized this bout up and down. They say the commission shouldn't have made this fight. They say Floyd should pass the torch to an up and comer. A Terence Crawford or Errol Spence. They say Conor should've stayed in his sport. Fought Tony Ferguson, Nate Diaz or Khabib. The money grab element of this is clear, but so is the intrigue.

We're all going to find a way to watch this fight on Saturday. Whether it's in a bar or in someone's living room. It should be applauded that these two fighters are giving all the sports fans what they want. This will also be a platform for a potential young star in Gervonta Davis.

Yes, the window for Conor to win is very small. Not impossible, but it's slight. The reasons for him to win aren't great but they exist.  It's enough for you to fork over $100. Chael Sonnen had a great line on our show this week. "We don't care who wins. We care to see what happens" Stop pretending like you don't want to watch and enjoy the show.

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