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Tobin vs Tim Watts: The Bet Is On

Brendan Tobin
April 13, 2018 - 2:54 pm

The Miami Heat are back in the playoffs. They have a fun first round match up against one of the most exciting teams in the NBA. Ben Simmons-mania is sweeping the league. This made me recall a wrong that occurred a couple of months ago.
Back in February, when the All Star teams were announced, Team LeBron members were dropping like flies. Replacement after replacement was added to the squad, including Miami's own point guard, Goran Dragic. One name continued to be left off was Ben Simmons. 
Simmons, a native of Australia, got the backing of his nation from Tim Watts. Who is Tim Watts? He's a Member of Australian Parliament. Watts took to the parliament floor and professed his outrage for the Simmons snub. He called it an Anti-Australian conspiracy! It was an honorable plea, but he made one mistake...he disrespected The Dragon. "No one with two brain cells to rub together would want Goran Dragic on their team over Ben," Watts professed. 
I'm all for him lifting up his guy, but to hose down Dragic, c'mon man! Dragic is the Heat's best player, a terrifying scorer, a  former All-NBA Player. He wrecked all of Europe while leading Slovenia to their first ever Euro-championship. Now that Simmons and Dragic are meeting in the first round. I had to get back at Watts for his Dragic slander and see how confident he felt about Ben's squad topping Goran and the Heat in the first round. I reached out to Tim Watts on Twitter and threw down the gauntlet.
The Bet:

If the Philadelphia 76ers beat the Miami Heat in the first round:
Tobin will dress in a kangaroo costume, with a Ben Simmons jersey and stand out on the street, holding a sign that says "Ben Simmons made Goran Dragic his little Joey" (Joey is the term for a baby kangaroo)
But... WHEN the Heat win the series over Philadelphia:
Tim Watts will have to wear a Goran Dragic jersey at the Australian Parliament pick-up basketball game and proclaim that he made a mistake in putting down Goran Dragic in his Ben Simmons All Star rant
Watts has agreed via Twitter.


Props to him to sticking by his guy, but he should get to ordering that Goran jersey now so it gets to him in plenty of time for his pick-up game.
Let's Go Heat! -Tobin

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