Wade County Whole Again

Brendan Tobin
March 09, 2018 - 5:03 pm

Dwyane Wade's return to the Heat may go down as one of the best mid-season trades in Heat history. Before he arrived the team was floundering. The struggle was magnified in late game situations. At times Miami couldn't even get a shot off at the end games. Now Miami has it's go-to guy back in the biggest spots. Wade has brought a little of everything. The lobs to the big men have returned (Hassan is happy). The pump-fake is STILL fooling people! You suckers! We've been able to see Flash dunk again and cheer on Father Prime's bag of tricks. In a moment of honesty, Heat fans may have been satisfied with the season ending after his game winner against the Philadelphia 76ers. 

What's insane to think about is Wade was painted as a locker room problem in his two stops in Chicago and Cleveland. It sounds like a bunch of propaganda nonsense. Now that he's back home all of the young players on Miami are looking to him as the leader. Justise Winslow is a different player since Wade's arrival. Dwyane may have helped change the 2015 first round pick's future with the franchise. 

It wouldn't be Wade County without his community presence has been felt. He's been upfront with his support of Marjory Stoneman Douglas, after last month's tragedy. He dedicated the season to shooting victim Joaquin Oliver, a hardcore Heat fan buried wearing a Wade jersey. This week Dwyane visited Joaquin's classmates. Watching the incredible videos, you can see the healing a figure like Wade brought to that community. The school had members of their family taken away from them and then got thrust into a political debate, so it was nice to see them have some joy in spending time with South Florida's greatest athlete. 

Wade has not committed to playing again next season. He still looks like he has something left in the tank but if this is his last season, we should be grateful that he made Miami sports feels whole again. Dwyane has always raised his level of play​ when the games matter most and with the playoffs around the corner, there is no one better to help the Heat have another exciting postseason run.

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