Curtis & Perk: The Golden Boy

Curtis Stevenson
August 08, 2017 - 7:06 pm

Perk thinks people should relax on the Jay Cutler hype after day 1 practice, Curtis asks about Matt Moore & a central thought from people he met today “Why not Moore” Perk says Moore is not an NFL starting QB. Adam Beasley joins to gush over Cutler, Beasley calls Jay Cutler Bizzaro Chad Pennington. Lauzin asks about Dolphins fans believing this is the best skill set Cutler has ever played with,. Curtis brings up something from last week can Cutler throw more than 25 TD’s. Perk discusses Matt Moore & how this is rough for him but expected that he would be the backup, Curtis asks what is gase risking if in the middle of the season Cutler wants to quit, Perkins says it wouldn’t be a fireable offense but it would be strike one for him. Tom Thayer radio announcer for the Bears joined the show to talk Cutler. Perk talks about the importance of Ajayi & his recovery, Michael Wright of ESPN joins to talk more Cutler. We played I’ve been known to

8-8-17 Curtis & Perk Full Show

8-8-17 Curtis & Perk Full Show
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