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INSIDER: Eagles Fly High For A Half; Brady Seals Victory Late

Curtis Stevenson
February 02, 2018 - 3:14 pm

We are now just hours away from Super Bowl 52 and we can finally see who in fact is the best team in the NFL. That achievement has been most recently with the New England Patriots, as they go for back to back Lombardi trophies. It will be the sixth time the Tom Brady Bill Belichick combination has won it if they can close the deal Sunday. It would just add another exclamation point in the record book for this duo that has seemingly rewritten it during this run that started at the turn of the century.

On the other side is a team that has never tasted Super bowl glory in their long and proud history. The Philadelphia Eagles, led by a back up Quarterback in Nick Foles, have found themselves on the doorstep of the game’s most hallowed and coveted trophy many times, but falling short of the ultimate prize. Just ask an Eagles fan what this win would mean. Is this the year that the Eagles actually fly higher than everyone else? It has made for interesting storylines the last couple of weeks, but now it is time to play. Let's start with the underdog. I like the Eagles defense and I think their defensive line can get some hits on Brady. Their linebackers are quick enough to limit some of the underneath throws that have become a staple of the Patriots offense. They do a good job of tackling that will be important in this game. As for their secondary, well I'll get back to that in a bit.

On offense, Head Coach Doug Pederson has done an amazing job of tailoring the game plan to what Foles does well. That has been apparent in the postseason. This is what good coaches do, and everyone seems very comfortable in executing the game plan. The Eagles biggest advantage is their ability to run the football. Former Miami Dolphin Jay Ajayi will eat up yards and his counterpart LeGarrette Blount will move the chains, and keep Tom Brady on the sidelines. That will work for a half or so, but eventually Tom Brady, who will be named league MVP by all accounts shortly, will find big chunk plays in the passing game. He will test the Eagles back four and he will ace that test.

Wide Receiver Brandin Cooks,and of course his favorite target over the years Rob Gronkowski, will provide timely plays deep down field. One or two big plays, or pass interference calls, will be the difference. The Eagles hearts get broken again by Brady, who defeated them in Super Bowl 39 in Jacksonville 24-21 . After a strong first half by Philadelphia, the Patriots regroup and handle them in the final two quarters.

It will be an entertaining game with the passing game with Brady being the difference. 28-24 is the final in comeback style once again for the Patriots, as more records are added to the history books, for perhaps the best coach and quarterback to ever do it. Enjoy the game!


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