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UFC 218 Preview: Fighter's Fury

Fighter's Fury
November 26, 2017 - 10:43 am


Sergey Kovalev makes a statement in his return to the ring with a second round TKO over Slava Shabranskyy. Is Sergey in a better spot than before the Andre Ward fights, like HBO claims? What will be the next boxing Pay-Per-View hit? Will it involve Conor McGregor? Now Manny Pacquiao wants to fight the UFC champion. This fight will probably happen because of how rare it is to find bankable PPV cards. What's next for Kovalev. Why is HBO so quick to bury fighter's careers? UFC 218 is coming up next week. Tobin gives his picks for the fight card. Max Holloway is the least talked about badass in the UFC. 11 straight wins. Young champion. He hasn't got half the publicity a Cody Garbrandt has. Is Francis Ngannou the UFC Drago? Him vs Stipe is Rocky IV, UFC-style in the making. Bonus segment: Michael Bisping goes out on his shield in Shanghai. No one has any ground to stand on with criticizing the former UFC champion. Plus Kelvin Gastelum calls out Robert Whittaker. Why Bobby Knuckles needs to wait on a UFC decision before accepting that bout. 

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