© Brad Penner | 2019 Oct 21

Hoch and Crowder Show: Adam Gase is the gift that keeps on giving. Also, Crowder says he saw a video of UD playing with himself

Includes interviews Will Manso, Doug Plagens, Randy Moller and Steve Goldstein.

Hochman & Crowder
October 22, 2019 - 7:11 pm

In the loco hour of the show:  Hoch, Crowder and Solana debate MJ saying Curry is not a Hall of Famer. After, Will Manso joins the show ahead of tomorrow’s Heat season opener.

In the second hour of the showCrowder describes watching a video of Haslem… playing with himself? Also, DBJ somehow works in ‘Beans above the Franks’ vs GT and Doug Plagens joins the show.

In the third hour of the showCrowder and Solana take issue with Hoch’s ‘definitive’ Mt. Rushmore of Jeff Goldblum movies. After, Randy Moller joins the show.

In the fourth hour of the showSteve Goldstein joins the show ahead of tonight’s Panthers game. After, Hoch, Crowder and Solana revisit the Curry / MJ Hall of Fame debate.

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