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Hoch and Crowder Show: Want to rebuild something? Rebuild your kicker. Also, Hoch reflects on the worst idea he has ever had

Includes interviews with Clay Ferraro and John Michaels + the Brian Flores press conference.

Hochman & Crowder
October 21, 2019 - 7:01 pm

In the loco hour of the showHoch doesn’t want to talk about the Canes loss… but we talk about it. After, Dion gets suspended and we air the Brian Flores press conference.

  • Canes woes 
  • Dion Waiters suspension
  • Brian Flores press conference LIVE

In the second hour of the showHoch and Crowder discuss if Mannny Diaz using the term “rebuild” was a mistake. After, Clay Ferraro joins the show.

  • Wanna rebuild something? Rebuild your kicker
  • Clay Ferraro joined the show
  • Hoch likes Manny Diaz

In the third hour of the showJohn Michaels joins the show and calls the GT loss the worst UM loss he’s ever seen. After, Hoch reflects on the worst idea he has EVER had.

In the fourth hour of the showCrowder’s thoughts on the Dolphins and our reaction to Bobby McCain’s altercation with Buffalo fans. After, season features for the Miami Heat season.

  • Crowder’s thoughts on the Dolphins loss
  • 15 minutes of Heat
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