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Hoch and Crowder Show: Hoch lists all of the hoaxes perpetrated against America

Includes interviews with Cornbread Maxwell, Adam Beasley, Goldie & Joe Z.

Hochman & Crowder
December 04, 2019 - 5:38 pm

In the loco hour of the show: The Heat are… foreal! We talk to Hall of Famer, Cornbread Maxwell, and Solana gives his Mt. Rushmore of cookies on National cookie day.


In the second hour of the show: Hoch lists all of the Hoaxes perpetrated against America. After, we talk to Adam Beasley about the Dolphins and Crowder tells the story of when he almost had to fight Shannon Briggs.


In the third hour of the show: Celebrating National Cookie Day by listing our Mt. Rushmore’s of cookies. After, Steve Goldie Goldstein joins the show to talk about the Florida Panthers.


In the fourth hour of the show: Voice of the Canes, Joe Zagacki, joins the show in studio and we play him the 2019 DBJ season montage.


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