American Airlines Arena honors Kobe

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Hoch and Crowder show: Remembering a legend

Live from Super Bowl headquarters in Miami Beach

Hochman & Crowder
January 27, 2020 - 5:23 pm

In the first hour of the show: Hoch and Crowder pay their respects to Kobe Bryant and his greatness. After, Cornbread Maxwell expresses his admiration for Kobe. 


In the second hour of the showWill Manso discusses the significance of Kobe Bryant across the NBA and John Clayton joins the set at Super Bowl headquarters. 


In the third hour of the showDonovan Campbell critiques Solana’s update and shares his love for Kobe. After, we continue to reflect on Kobe Bryants passing. 


In the fourth hour of the show: Hoch and Crowder don’t believe Solana’s report that Libraries were more popular in 2019. 

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