Agent Block Back? : Zaslow, Romberg and Amber

Jonathan Zaslow
February 16, 2017 - 9:49 am

Photo Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports


Last night the NBA got wild with Bill Walton on the broadcast with Dick Vitale. There is a strange lottery lawsuit in London. Hassan Whiteside went block hunting last night. The Heat need THAT guy more. He says Alonzo Mourning called him and told him to block everything. Dion Waiters is surging since his injury. Zaslow is happy that Georges St. Pierre is coming back. He doesn’t believe google, when it says that GSP is 5’10”.


Looks like this recent Marlins sale is going to fall through because Jeffrey Loria is going to be the US Ambassador to France for Donald Trump. This causes a conflict with the Kushner family who is related to Trump. Will someone else swoop up the Marlins. Please??? Anyone??? Gey Paquette calls in as our French correspondent. What do Donald Trump’s friends call him? Marlins second baseman Dee Gordon joins the show. He discuss the upcoming season, Marlins hijinks, Ichiro’s McKinnie and how the team is tired of questions about dealing with Jose Fernandez’s tragic death.


How’s about this Spo nugget? Never coached the Heat to an under .500 record after the all star break. Tobin ruffles Zaslow’s feathers by bringing up his Heat TV audition that went to Will Manso. He and Crotty make such a good duo. Tobin thinks Crotty wanted Manso over Zas. He stabbed him in the back. Romberg wonders if he can lend some television advice to Zas. Israel Gutierrez joins the show. He discusses the Heat’s win over the Rockets. Why didn’t Whiteside or Dragic make the All Star team over Carmelo Anthony? Nico Jones made an appearence on Tobin’s show with Leroy and Beast. SeXXXy Stats from three unsexy guys.

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