Fine Ass: Zaslow, Romberg and Amber

Jonathan Zaslow
February 21, 2017 - 9:19 am

Photo Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports


Zaslow is back in studio today! Romberg is wearing himself a fishing shirt today. The Canes got an onions win. Coach L did himself the Kodak! Branden Albert looks like he’s on the move to Jacksonville while the Dolphins in another trade are getting tight end Julius Thomas. How embarrassing are the Jaguars? Jared Odrick celebrated on social media, the fact that he was getting cut. The Panthers are streaking. Brett was impressed by Zaslow’s jerk move of leaving a facebook group made by Beast. The group was an invite to a final eat off before he gets stomach surgery. Was this a Richard move or is Zas in the right? Were there any moves for the Heat to make in order to get Boogie Cousins.


We get Palm Beach Post UM report Matt Porter on the line. He also left Beast’s facebook group. He too didn’t want to be bothered with the notifications all show long. Zaslow rips the Kings broadcaster for throwing post trade shade at Boogie Cousins. Zas thinks it kills you credibility. Tuesday Tool of the Week. Lonzo Ball’s dad goes a little too all in. Vlade Divac steps in it hard with reporters over Cousins trade offers. Buster Olney went to Jupiter to get reaction from the Marlins on Jose Fernandez’s toxicology report. He did a great job with the story. Will this be the last time we hear from them on this?


The Dolphins and Jaguars are making moves with each other. Jaguars radio analyst Tony Boselli joins the show. He discusses why Julius Thomas stunk with the Jags this season. Why does Jacksonville want Branden Albert. He re-invites Tobin to a Jagaurs’ game and Romberg to a Jags alumni event. Hassan Whiteside couldn’t have been the piece with a DeMarcus Cousins trade because the Kings already had him. What is going to be the next big trade before the deadline. Zas thinks if the Heat aren’t going to trade Dion Waiters or James Johnson, then they have to re-sign them. UFC heavyweight Derrick Lewis knocks out Travis Browne, then asks where his girl Ronda Rousey’s fine ass is at? Greg Olsen’s kid brother is in trouble again.

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