The Gauntlet Thrown Down: Zaslow, Romberg and Amber

Jonathan Zaslow
February 24, 2017 - 9:37 am

Photo Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports


It’s Friday! Ol’ Roms is back in the saddle, but takes offense to Zaslow calling his chair “The 2nd Chair”. Brett was scanning his cat for health reasons. Jameis Winston steps in it. Tobin says if that was said by a speaker at his daughter’s school, it would upset him. The Pelicans were no good in Boogie Cousin’s debut. Charles Oakley sat next Dan Gilbert at the Cavs-Knicks game. Zaslow doesn’t like that look for Oakley. Did Brad Kaaya make a huge mistake in coming out for the draft? Mike Pouncey is dragged back in to headlines because a phone call with Aaron Hernandez in 2012. Walking Dead shirt is called racist. Why didn’t the Heat make any moves?


Zaslow and Brett discuss the new movie, get out. Kate Upton reveals Justin Verlander won’t allow her to have sex with him before starts. Romberg says when he played, his wife wasn’t allowed to have sex with him starting on Thursday of a game week. Women’s weaken legs. Romberg asks Zaslow if he’s seen enough basketball to confidently coach an NBA game. Zas says it moves too fast for him to make those decisions. Roms then pulls out a basketball challenge to Zaslow. He wants to go 1 on 1 with the Zas Man. Zaslow says he’s been playing and is confident he can take the Romdog. Tobin jumps in, suggesting a 3 prong challenge….Around the World, H-O-R-S-E, and if tied after two challenges a 1 on 1 game to 10 points. Tony Fiorentino joins the show to discuss the trade deadline, Heat vs Hawks and who would win between Roms and Zas.


ESPN’s Kevin Arnovitz said there was no market for Hassan Whiteside. He also called him the most joyless player he’s ever seen. Zaslow doesn’t think that’s fair criticism for only coming to one game. Paul George is not happy with the Indiana Pacers front office. Romberg was out on Wednesday and he didn’t get to hear show friend Mark Jones call Zaslow “Laz” 5 times. Why do people call Zas, “Laz” all the time? LeBatard is getting called racist for his Magic Johnson take. Zaslow defends Lebby. Former UFC Champion Rashad Evans joins the show. He says he abstains from sex about 4 days before a fight. He discusses his middleweight debut and why he was taken off the UFC 205 and 206 card. Romberg ends the show with some suspicious shoutouts.

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