How Can You Go From First to Worst So Fast?

Jonathan Zaslow
January 13, 2017 - 3:54 pm

By Jonathan Zaslow

South Florida sports are in a really difficult spot right now. Think about this…….. The Miami Dolphins – long time punching bag for sports fans – have been the brightest spot in South Florida sports this year. Now, that’s not meant to poke fun. The Dolphins were legitimately a good story this year. But it just goes to show you how far the other teams have dropped.

The Miami Marlins haven’t necessarily “dropped” anywhere. They’ve been down for years, and they remain down. The Marlins situation is just tragic, with the devastating loss of Jose Fernandez. From a baseball perspective, it’s a crushing blow to the team’s future.

The Florida Panthers are coming off of an extremely exciting season in 2016, having won the Atlantic Division for the first time, with 47 wins and 103 points, both of which were franchise records. This year?? As disappointing a season as you can remember. As I write this, they have played 43 games and have yet to put together 3-straight wins. They’re 4 points back of the final wild card spot, and 2 points back of 3rd in the division (while Ottawa has 3 games in hand, no less).

And then there’s the Miami HEAT. The darling of South Florida sports, right? Well, just 4 seasons removed from back to back championships, the Heat have bottomed out. Currently they have the second worst record in the NBA. I mean, how can you go from first to worst so fast? That never happens, right? Oh yeah……the 2006 Champion Miami HEAT took just two seasons to go from first to worst, as they had the worst record in the league in 2008. Hopefully this year’s draft nets a better prize than Michael Beasley.

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