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INSIDER: Bore-fest NBA Semifinals

Jonathan Zaslow
May 05, 2017 - 12:12 pm

By Zaslow

A pretty eventful 1st round of the NBA playoffs has now led to a bore-fest (thus far) in the semifinals. While all the animosity between Washington and Boston is grabbing your attention, you haven't had a single close game this round. Four blowouts thru four games out West, and three of five games in the East have been routs as well.

So, you can't help but wonder what this postseason would look like (especially in the East) if Miami had qualified for the playoffs. Who would've thought a team that missed the postseason could "do some damage" in the playoffs? But, it's hard to think the HEAT wouldn't be able to give Cleveland at least a competitive game. At worst, a Cavaliers-HEAT series would give you some juice that the second round of the postseason is currently lacking.

But, hey... That's on the HEAT, right? Win more games, right? Win the tiebreak against Chicago, right? Or maybe next time the NBA can schedule an even amount of games played during the regular season between teams within the same conference, considering the HEAT and Bulls played three times this year, with two of the games in a Chicago. A shame that a scheduling quirk possibly prevented us from having the juiciest possible playoff matchup.


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