Officially Goodbye: Zaslow, Romberg and Amber

Jonathan Zaslow
March 01, 2017 - 9:37 am

Photo Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports


Yesterday was Fat Tuesday and it had Ol’ Roms reflecting on the good ole days of Girls Gone Wild. Is the creator of that in jail? Kevin Durant suffered, what looks to be a bad knee injury. Do fans feel bad for KD? Zaslow dubs tonight’s Heat vs Sixers game a revenge game? There were a lot of big names getting cut from teams yesterday. Adrian Peterson is now a free agent. Who can he help next season? Aerosmith’s drummer says they’re better than the Rolling Stones. Best American Rock Bands of all time? How exhausted must the Sixers be from tanking all the time. Romberg is paying out the ass for his daughter’s 3-year old private school and now he gets no boat.


Is proposing at a game, the worst proposal move out there? Roms explains how his now father-in-law ruined his proposal with his wife. Zaslow is shocked to learn that Romberg and Tobin got married so young. Is true love actually blind? Zas and Brett get into epic trash talk over their upcoming 1 on 1 basketball game. Do you always ask your woman’s dad for permission to marry her? Chris Bosh’s official split with the Heat could be near. Zas wonders if anyone feels bad for Chris, that this is happening? Is the rift with the Heat organization still there?


Zaslow went down memory lane to watch his favorite NBA brawl. How did Floyd Mayweather’s house get robbed? If Kevin Durant is out in the playoffs, do you want to see Golden State slip to a #2 seed, so they’d have to face OKC in the first round? Imagine Russell Westbrook getting another chance to end the Warriors without Durant and without him playing, helplessly watching the triple-double machine take them out. Romberg tells horror stories from the combine. His dormmate watched porn, preventing him from getting sleep. NFL agent David Canter joins the show to give his thoughts on upcoming free agency in the league. How much is Jarvis Landry going to make this season. We close out the show getting Fact’d Up!

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