Shine Stealer: Zaslow, Roms & Amber (w/ D.J. Williams)

Jonathan Zaslow
August 30, 2016 - 10:22 am

Photo Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports


Amber is back from vacation! Zaslow is refreshed from rest yesterday because he was so tired from all the sports talk. Brett informs Zas that they upset the sales department with their rant yesterday. Amber throws in her thoughts on the Colin Kaepernick. Zaslow officially declares the Marlins season over. The Dolphins are still dealing with that weasel Jeff Ireland. What is his position now with the Saints? Why You Mad/Why You Glad: Zas is going to AC/DC with John Crotty. Amber misses her vacation. Brett is wrapping up the Key West House. Skip Bayless is giving sports takes at the barbershops.


Hurricanes great D.J. Williams joins us in studio! D.J. explains why cornerbacks are feisty in training camp. He gives his thoughts on the Canes dismissing two players over fancy cars. D.J. recalls his time getting snooped out by the NCAA because his car was a little too night. Tuesday Tool of the Week. Brett claims he’s never had poop stains in his underwear but no one believes him. Amber says ladies never have accidents. Brett and D.J. make fun over their former ‘Canes teammate Tyrid the Streak. D.J. weighs in on the Colin Kaepernick situation.


Tobin parodies Pearl Jam to make fun of sleepy Zaslow. D.J. Williams reveals that his mom is a good looking fitness model. He recalls his time playing with Tim Tebow and the infamous comeback against Miami. He says Tebow stole his shine after his overtime heroics. NFL agent David Canter joins the show. He gives excellent insight into the Colin Kaepernick situation and reveals why the Charges are so hard to deal with in recent years.


Ndamukong Suh loves the new stadium. Adam Beasley joins the show. He took a tour of Hard Rock Stadium yesterday. He explains why the franchise thinks it’s a game changer for them. What will the Dolphins cuts look like in the coming day. How has Kiko Alonso been looking for the Fins? Twitter Jam has Arian Foster lecturing Tony Stewart over Kaepernick. Amber got brought back stage by Eminem. Amber goes into her Colorado activities while on vacation.


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