Whatever It Takes: Zaslow, Romberg and Amber

Jonathan Zaslow
February 23, 2017 - 9:19 am

Photo Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports


The trade deadline is looming. Will there be anymore big splashes before the deadline? Zaslow continues to be upset by the Magic Johnson hiring by the Lakes. Why at this trade deadline, are there so many rumors surrounding players with years/money still remaining. Zas explains that the new CBA is changing the value of expiring contracts and remaining contracts. There is a rumor from The Vertical that the Heat are trying to trade Josh McRoberts/Wayne Ellington. Tobin says this will be a successful trade deadline as long as Josh McRoberts comes off the Heat’s books. Why You Mad/Why You Glad: Shannon Briggs next fight will likely be at the Hard Rock in May! #LETSGOCHAMP.


There looks to be some changes coming to baseball. Zaslow and Tobin debate how to make the game faster and better. Shouldn’t MLB install the mercy rule? That would be so shameful in the big leagues. The pitch clock is a popular move, but the big problem is all these rituals by the batters. Tobin suggest banning batting gloves. Zas and Amber were on the phone yesterday and she discussed pulling a prank on Romberg where neither she or Zaslow shows up for the start of the show. Then at the last minute, Tobin leaves the studio, leaving Ol’ Roms to himself. However this does run the risk of Brett using a lot of profanity on the air, with no one to dump the bad words. Former Marlins catcher Charles Johnson joins the show. He talks UM Hall of Fame bowling, the changes to baseball and catching Kevin Brown’s no-hitter.


We celebrate the Lakers making Magic Johnson their head of basketball operations with a tournament of Magic Johnson tweets. The winner was an all timer. Marlins closer A.J. Ramos joins the show. He traveled over the globe this offseason. He followed the Marlins trying to spend big money on a free agent closer. He also relives Dee Gordon’s home run at the end of last season. To close out the show, the Dolphins made a big splash yesterday with signing their legends to one day contracts. Zaslow evaluates them all with Big Signing/Not A Big Signing.

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