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Will It Be Better Than We Thought??

Jonathan Zaslow
June 01, 2018 - 1:42 pm

That’s my takeaway from Game 1 of The Finals. I’m thinking the Cavs win a game this series. One game. Maybe. But last night’s game probably gives you a little bit of pause, if you were thinking the same. I mean, there was no double digit lead (until late in overtime), there was no miraculous comeback, there was no huge run by either team. It was just two teams, who know each other really well, playing a tight game for 48 minutes. Sign me up for seven games of that.
Here’s the problem, though: This series can now go one of two ways now. I’m hoping we get scenario 1) The Cavs feeling they have a chance this series is validated, and we get a tight, long series. But it’s more likely scenario 2) The Cavs just suffered a series crushing loss. They needed just one FT, and couldn’t get it. They needed to know the score with the game on the line, and didn’t. They needed the officials to stick with a subjective call on the floor, and didn’t. And, LeBron’s 51 point, 8 rebound, 8 assist effort should’ve been enough to win, and it wasn’t.
The Cavaliers will get one game. Maybe.

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