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INSIDER: Marlins Dump, No Heat All Stars, LeBron Loves LeBron

Josh Friedman
January 26, 2018 - 5:16 pm

The Marlins once again emptied the cupboard further with the trade of Christian Yelich to the Brewers for 4 prospects. Actually, this may turn out to be a good trade. This differs from the Giancarlo Stanton deal with the Yankees in that the priority of that deal was a salary dump, whereas this one was to get as high a return as possible and restocking the barren farm system. The four prospects include two rated in Baseball America's top 100 prospect list: #18 Lewis Brinson and #75 Monte Harrison. A trade like this can take years to evaluate. In the long run, the Marlins may come out on top in this deal. However in the short term, the team Don Mattingly throws out there could re-define the word anonymous.
I won't fault Heat fans if they feel that Goran Dragic got the short end of the stick when NBA coaches didn't select him to be one of seven reserves for next month's NBA All Star Game. But as valuable as Dragic has been to the Heat, picking him to represent the Eastern Conference would have felt like more of a reward to the Heat being an unexpected fourth seed (at least for now) rather than a nod to Dragic himself. Let's be honest, his stats don't jump off the computer screen and had he played for another team with those same stats, I doubt any of you would be advocating placing him on the All Star squad at the expense of one of the guards the coaches picked.
Hours before LeBron James scored the necessary seven points to be the youngest player in NBA history to reach the 30,000 point mark, he received a heartfelt Instagram post offering premature congratulations. The author of the post was none other than LeBron himself. He included a photo of himself as a teenager and told himself to reflect on his accomplishment. How do you feel about this. Taking nothing away from his milestone, I think what he did and the manner in which he did it is obnoxious. And it makes me squirm every time I see someone refer to themselves in the third person, something LeBron did in his "Hey, look what I'm about to do" posting.

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