Josh: "Changes aren't permanent but change is."

Josh Friedman
November 29, 2017 - 4:00 pm

Sports, like other parts of our lives, moves very fast.  Things sometimes happen at lightning speed. Players are added, cut or traded. Coaches are hired or fired. Teams go on winning streaks or get mired in losing streaks. Change is the one constant as is stated in the lyrics from Rush's Tom Sawyer: "Changes aren't permanent but change is."
Listeners of my show know that I am having knee replacement surgery. Consequently, once I am done filling in for Perk and co-hosting our afternoon drive show on Wednesday, November 29th, I will not work again until the first week of 2018.  It got me to wondering what changes will occur in sports between now and the time I return to work.

Looking into my crystal ball, which I admit with some past predictions can be cloudy, here is what I think will change on the sports landscape between now and the first week of January:
--The Dolphins, losers of 5 straight and sitting at 4-7 as I type this, will finish the season at 5-11 and losers of 9 of their last 10 games. Only a victory this Sunday at home vs Denver, will prevent the Fins from losing 10 consecutive games.
--It pains me to write this, but the Hurricanes, who started out the season 10-0 before getting massively upset by Pitt, will finish the season at 10-3.  They'll fall to Clemson in their first crack at the ACC championship and then lose to Alabama at Hard Rock Stadium in the Orange Bowl. I sure hope I'm wrong with these predictions about UM.  
--Giancarlo Stanton will have been traded. To make the club even more unrecognizable, both Dee Gordon and Marcel Ozuna will all be dealt away by the end of the year.
--After the NFL regular season ends on December 31st, the following six NFL coaches will be shown the door during the first week of January: Hue Jackson(Browns), Marvin Lewis(Bengals), Chuck Pagano(Colts), Ben McAdoo(Giants), John Fox(Bears), and Dirk Koetter(Buccaneers).
It's a lot to digest in a relatively short period of time. Check back with me in 5 weeks and we'll see how accurate I was.

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