The Josh Friedman Show 6-23-17

Hosted by Greg Likens

Josh Friedman
June 23, 2017 - 10:18 pm

Greg Likens fills in for Friedo to talk about what we should expect from Bam (Bam, Bam!) Adebayo. Tom D'Angelo of the Palm Beach Post joins the show to talk about what the Heat should do in the offseason and what the Heat liked in their new 19-year-old draft pick, Greg thinks that although he is undersized, he will be able to strive off his athleticism. Callers and texters give in their wild inputs, including a caller who thinks the Heat may have an unlimited cap this offseason. Greg taks about how Danny Ainge traveled accross the country for no reason after an NBA prospect canceled his workout with the Celtics general manager; find out what he had to say on tonights show.

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