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Tobin, Beast and Leroy: Overmanager

May 21, 2018 - 1:00 pm


Tobin is in cleaning mode. Leroy and Beast accuse Tobin of not paying attention to the show and watching kangaroos. Robbie sounds off on Don Mattingly. Beast got one of the liners wrong in the morning after getting some new management books. Tobin runs the 5K and got dusted by grandmas. Tobin says balet is super boring. Robbie got his preakness pick way wrong. The guys wonder how they would do riding a horse. Beast wants to organize a guys night out at the Cheetah. Leroy and Tobin don't seem too interested. Leroy is not into strip clubs. Tobin says he went to a strip club and they gave out t-shirts to people under 21. Tobin rips the people whining about basketball.


Tobin likes Drake and wonders why Leroy and Beast don't like Drake. Brian Windhorst says on the Zach Lowe Post Podcast that Karl Anthony Towns might be up for trade. Tobin wants to see a close game tonight between the Cavs-Celtics tonight. The guys wonder if the Celtics and Cavs combine their roster if they could beat the Warriors. Leroy says he can't play in today's NFL with the social media the way it is. Tobin calls out Goran for not recruiting on twitter. Leroy and Beast claim to have Tobin "boxed in." Leroy watched the TPC last weekend in Jamaica and they didn't have any annoucers. Badou Jack apparently has a history of punching the referee. This leads to the guys watching non stop referees getting punched.

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