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Manso, Leroy, and Beast: To Baker or not to Baker

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
March 21, 2018 - 4:32 pm


Wingstop brings a ton of wings into the studio and Leroy says Robbie had to wait for him to "break the seal" so that he wouldn't be the first one to get wings. Manso is very adamanant that the Dolphins should draft Baker Mayfield while Leroy disagrees which leads to a heated debate. With Bryan Norcross joining Local 10, the guys figure out who is "Thunder" and "Lightning" between he and Max Mayfield (Who turns out is related to Baker). Manso and Leroy make a Dolphins bet with Leroy saying they will be better than 6-10 and Manso says they won't.


Robbie reminds the crew about the Heat's loss to the Knicks at the end of last year that cost the Heat the playoffs. Manso and Leroy get back into their heated Dolphins QB debate that has been going on all show. The guys wonder where Adam Gase and Baker Mayfield dined in OKC and Manso says he was dissappointed by the most famous restaraunt there saying it was "oversold." This leads to Robbie suggesting it was like Black Panther to which the guys rip him for saying that Black Panther wasn't that good. The guys preview Heat-Knicks tonight and Will Manso is not worried about the Knicks. Robbie says the Heat should cover the -11 but would just be happy with a win and will not get greedy. D.J Khaled is part of a new Marlins song that will launch on Opening Day. The guys draw from the Doom Box with Manso skeleton picking for Tobin.

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