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Manso, Leroy, and Beast: Keepers of Golf

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
June 18, 2018 - 2:46 pm


What takes precendent your wife's birthday or Fathers Day? Landon Donovan was ripped for rooting for Mexico and the crew compares that to rooting for FSU in a college football playoff when Miami is not in it. Leroy tells the guys what made Dennis Green a good coach. 5 Years ago today Ray Allen hit the shot. Leroy rants at the outrage that the "keepers of golf" have against Phil Mickelson. Leroy explains why the golfers were complaining about the course at the U.S Open. Will Manso doesn't unterstand why so many people rail against the World Cup.  Who holds the cards in the Kawhi Leonard saga: Kawhi or the Spurs? 


England vs Tunisia kicks off during the show and Manso says Robbie will check out the rest of the show. Leroy explains his greatness boat again. Will Manso reminds people that Hassan Whiteside was a success story and says his downfall is his arrogance. Manso congratulates Beast on winning Radio Personality of the Year. The guys try to wiggle around the play by play rules during an England-Tunisia penalty kick. 

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