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Manso, Leroy, and Beast: Kentucky Derby Madness

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
May 05, 2017 - 1:39 pm


Beast reveals he is going to a concert with a boss and Leroy claims that the ass kissing has turned profitably for Beast. The guys wonder how a wet track will affect the Kentucky Derby. The guys preview tonight's NBA and how the injuries affect tonight's games. Will Manso shows up late and the radio guys get offended because Will would never be late for a Channel 10 hit. Will Manso says he hates Horse Racing and tells his story about investing in a horse with "ZORM" as a reason why. Manso notices Leroy has a really big wallet and thats because Leroy keeps every single card that he doesn't need. Will Manso says he could never sit in a cold ice tube and would not be able to do the "Cinco de Mayo" punishment on the Dartboard of Doom that involves a margarita bath. Manso and Leroy break down the marketing strategy of LaVar Ball's new Big Baller shoe at $495 if it is brilliant, ridiculous, or both.


Will Manso recaps a story the last time having drinks with his boss and says its awkward and wonders how Beast will do it going to a Tom Petty concert with his boss. Will Manso admits he didn't watch the first round because he couldn't stand that the Heat weren't in it ala Dion Waiters. Will poses the age old question to Leroy of if the Cavs can beat the Warriors again. Leroy gives deep analysis. Will Manso gives his reaction to Jay Culter being hired as analyst. The guys go over other players turned analysts that nobody thought could do so. The guys debut a new segment called "One question for Robbie" which turns into a thousand questions. Beast asks Will Manso about the latest regarding the Marlins sale. Leroy makes his Kentucky Derby picks.

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