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Manso, Leroy, and Beast: Robbed!

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
May 18, 2017 - 2:50 pm


Beast is late to the start of the show on "business" and Manso and Leroy asks Robbie if he's ever seen him do real work. The crew has an awkward confrontation when Leroy tells Beast he lifted his iPhone charger. After Cleveland's handling of Boston, the crew wonders if a team can win a championship with a star that's only 5'9." Braves get into it with the Blue Jays for Jose Bautista's bat flip and the guys realize that the Braves are always the ones policing unwritten rules. An official render of Beckham's MLS stadium is out and Beast and Manso talk about the possibilty of a Miami team actually panning out. Leroy doesn't like pictures of buildings that don't exist yet.


Leroy proudly remembers yelling at a cocky kid in a rec league for shimmying after making a shot and defends himself against angry texting parents. Leroy says you can't hollywood when you're shooting 2/8. Leroy says you cannot celebrate a TD down 21-0 in the 4th and the guys debate on that. Hassan Whiteside is snubbed from the three All-NBA lineups while the guys consider whether or not he desrved it over Rudy Gobert and Deandre Jordan. Manso delves into some salmon and egg and Beast is disgusted by his healthy eating habits.

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