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Manso, Leroy, and Beast: Who Wants it More!

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
May 15, 2017 - 3:39 pm


The guys open the show discussing their Mother’s Day Weekend and dealing with long waits at restaurants. Leroy and Will prefer movies that get right to the action. The guys forgot Leroy’s birthday. Will didn’t see the intent in Zaza Pachulia stepping on Kawhi Leonard’s hurt ankle. Leroy recalls when he hurt his ankle in college. The guys don’t mind the recent trend of putting sponsors on NBA jerseys. Will has no idea what Stephen A. Smith was talking about after Game 6. Leroy can’t stand when people think one team wants to win more than another team. The guys preview tonight’s Game 7 between Boston and Washington. None of the guys think whoever wins tonight has a chance against Cleveland. Will doesn’t see the Eastern Conference Finals going longer than 5 games. Beast and Will agree that Kawhi is the most reserved athlete when it comes to dealing with the media. Robbie is playing all of Will’s favorites. Will reveals that he has two different playlists for when he works out and when he drives. Throughout the playoffs, Beast wondered if the Heat could have competed with the other teams in the East. Will explains how he gets his eyebrows waxed. Beast thinks a Will Manso 30 for 30 would be excellent.


The guys give the interns a hard time for continuing to dress up to work. Will explains the Draft Lottery scenarios for the Heat. The guys go through past Draft Lotteries to see if the Heat have a chance at a Top 3 pick. Will thinks, if the Heat stay at the 14th pick, will get a rotation player. Leroy thinks that busts are products of the franchise that picks them. Will agrees and thinks Derek Jeter was successful because he was drafted in the right situation. Will recalls when he saw Alex Rodriguez’s last high school game. Leroy brought cookies into the studio, which hurts Will’s New Year’s Resolution. The guys discuss this new healthy ice cream that Beast discovered. Will is excited to use Amazon Fresh grocery delivery for the first time. Leroy reveals that he only buys golf shirts online. Will thinks Facebook is a place for extreme sadness or extreme happiness. Beast is very selective when accepting Facebook friend requests. Will tells the story of his night out on South Beach with Kevin Hart. Leroy thinks the Wizards are going to pull the upset tonight. Beast wants the Spurs to win the title so they get the trip to The White House, just to see what would happen. ​

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