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Tobin, Beast and Leroy: 601 Biscayne Boulevard 8 PM

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
March 27, 2018 - 1:12 pm


Tonight is Heat Cavs for all the marbles, and Tobin thinks the loser should quit the season. Leroy wonders how Beast is able to give headlines everyday. Bam Adebayo's injury for tonight's game may lead to minutes for... Udonis Haslem?! The guys discuss the players Haslem has shut down over the years... Beast actually mentioned Bob Cousey. The NFL has finally made a change on the catch rule. Tobin breaks out his New Yorker accent again in honor of the Panthers beating the Islanders last night. The guys also discuss which New York sports fan base is the worst. Leroy has a story about a game against the Jets that involves him having a brutal comeback against a fan. The guys discuss some interesting quotes given by Adam Gase and Steve Ross this morning. Leroy finds sunglasses and causes him to remember a funny story about Ray Charles. Tobin thinks Lebron was throwing shade at the Heat in a press conference earlier today. The guys try not to over react to Markelle Fultz airballing his first shot yesterday. Josh McRoberts name somehow made it into the end of hour 1. 


So Lebron is finally going to play in Miami tonight, after skipping his last few opportunities. Beast tries to persuade Tobin to come to a party and Tobin changes the subject. Someone got mad at Stu Gotz for ranting on sister Jean, which actually irks Tobin. Ronda Rousey had quite a few awkward moments at ESPN today, especially with Max Kellerman. The guys talk about how Lebron is able to take such good care of his body and of course Beast has to mention that Brady does too. Tobin takes much joy in pointing out that Lebron has not won in Miami since Shaq was in a Cavs uniform. The guys somehow end up discussing if James Johnson can beat Floyd Mayweather in a fight. Beast reveals who is throwing out the first pitch of the Marlins season and the guys take some guesses before hearing the answer. 

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