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Tobin, Beast and Leroy: Blah Blah Blah

Joined by Gene Simmons

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
January 25, 2018 - 1:37 pm


Tobin has cat, mailbox and neighbor issues. The guys discuss the flu outbreak in South Florida. The guys argue about the effectiveness of the flu vaccine. Gene Simmons called before the show and said "that's the way the cookie crumbles." Leroy makes fun of Beast's health. Leroy got the vaccine once and had sniffles for a week. Beast says you don't get the flu from the flu shot. The guys discuss NBA Commisioner Adam Silver wanting legal gambling on basketball. Robbie is worried the bettors will get taxed. Gene Simmons joins the show. Gene says "You gotta stop and smell the coffee." Tobin asks Gene about Miami Vice and Gene starts talking about IndyCar and the Kentucky Derby. The guys enjoy the interview. The guys discuss the XFL. 


Tobin and Leroy ask Beast what a programming intern is. Beast talks about his star system. Leroy wants a star. The guys discuss Goran Dragic's mousache. The guys talk about the likelihood that Jarvis Landry returns to the Dolphins. Leroy says the Dolphins have to be smart and not overpay Landry. Tobin mentions how Anquan Boldin was productive but was never open so teams were hesitant to pay him. Tobin gets nervous when the Heat play lesser competition and that the Heat aren't good enough to get full of themselves and coast to a win. Leroy says they tend to turn it up for the good teams and turn it doen when they play lesser teams. Tobin asks the guys if they would rather have Kristaps "The Unicorn" Porzingis or Goran "The Dragon" Dragic. Tobin says Russians can handle their alcohol better than the Irish. The guys debate what a Pegasus is. The guys make their Doombox picks and Leroy and Beast don't think games without lines should be allowed. Tobin says the Doombox does what it wants. Leroy mentions that the Pegasus at Gulfstream Park is the 2nd largest in the United States. 

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