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Tobin, Beast and Leroy: Coming for the Cavs

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
January 18, 2018 - 2:49 pm


Show opens with Miami Heat sound bites from last night's win over the Bucks, and Lebron comments on the creeping Heat. The guys discuss Hasaan Whiteside's play recently. Goran Dragic is an overlooked player. The guys break down Mel Kiper's Mock Draft. Leroy says first round picks should have dominated in college. The guys think of successful short QBs. Leroy says if you don't look the part, you won't be a first round pick, but that doesn't mean you won't be successful. Ex. Tom Brady Tobin does not want the Dolphins to draft a lineman in the first round, even though he is a Jags fan. Leroy talks about why some first round picks aren't as succesful as fans think they should be right away. The guys talk about the Adam Gase-Jay Ajayi situation. Tobin asks, "Why wasn't Gase using Kenyan Drake and Ajayi together?" Leroy talks about what head coaches have to do behind the scenes. Tobin and Leroy talk about Jarvis Landry's situation. Bernie Kosar was one of the smartest football players Leroy ever played with. The guys pick from the Doom Box but since Tobin and Leroy are at the Hard Rock, new 790 Producer Lauren acts as a skeleton picker which leads to the guys making fun of Lauren's favorite TV shows. 


New England fans are already overlooking the Jags. Leroy says Chad Henne might win a ring before the Dolphins. Beast uses reverse psychology so his Pats beat the Jags on Sunday. The guys discuss what the Heat need most when they are struggling, particularly if it happens in the playoffs. Beast breaks news from the "In case you missed it" section on Twitter. The guys debate how many people will show up to Marlins Fan Fest. Tobin doesn't want Christian Yelich to snub Fan Fest. Tobin is impressed by Wayne Ellington's "shake and bake." The guys bring up the Justice Winslow-Dwayne Wade bet. Tobin talks about Paul Pierce not wanting Isaiah Thomas's tribute video during his retirement ceremony. The guys comment on Jalen Rose calling Pierce "petty" on live television. The guys discuss how great Pierce really is. Beast loves white Boston Celtic players. Leroy "iPod checks" people in the gym. The guys debate if ducks are good animals. Tobin asks if the idiot duck is Rob Gronkowski. Tobin really doesn't like ducks. The guys debate if ducks "quack." Tobin doesn't like candy corn.


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